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Canada’s premiers are meeting in Whitehorse, Yukon this week and health-care transfers from Ottawa may be high on the agenda.

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Province contracted-out select day surgeries to private clinics, expanding total surgical capacity in a short period of time.

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Other countries deliver high-performing universal health care at similar (or lower costs) than in Canada.

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High level of spending has not yielded high value in return—Canada has some of the longest wait times for treatment in the developed world.

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Canadian Medicare did not start out as a national institution. It started in one province, Saskatchewan, and spread to others over the years.

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Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) the quality of health insurance plans in the United States has gone down, while premiums have gone way up.

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Canadian health-care bureaucrats will likely be asked to explain Canada’s single-payer system to U.S. campaigns.

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Hospital care in Germany is delivered by 833 public, 1,040 not-for-profit, and 1,356 for-profit hospitals.

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