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Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Canadians, their families, and future generations by studying, measuring, and broadly communicating the effects of government policies, entrepreneurship, and choice on their well-being.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the Fraser Institute has regional offices in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. We produce research about government actions in areas that deeply affect Canadians’ quality of life such as taxation, health care, aboriginal issues, education, economic freedom, energy, natural resources and the environment.


We measure and communicate
how government policies affect the lives of Canadians.


Measurement is the foundation for all our work. Careful, accurate, rigorous measurement. "If it matters, measure it" is a slogan you will see around our office. Things that are measured can be talked about. Things that are talked about in the public arena eventually become part of the climate of opinion. That is how measurement can change the climate of opinion.

Sometimes our research recommends public policy solutions that some people feel are controversial. We work to ensure that people become more knowledgeable about the outcomes of various public policies and can then make more informed decisions.


The Fraser Institute maintains a rigorous peer review process for its research.


Our research is peer-reviewed and overseen by an Editorial Advisory Board of leading international scholars. The Fraser Institute promotes transparency in research – in other words, our methodology is open and clearly explained, and others can replicate our conclusions. In addition, the source of our data is always provided.

Fraser Institute research is independently conducted.


To protect our independence,
we accept no government funding or contracts for research.


Support Us

We rely entirely on voluntary donations from concerned individuals, foundations, and other organizations. Every dollar that is donated to the Fraser Institute helps us educate Canadians on what polices are required to ensure that all Canadians have the opportunity for the best quality of life possible. We do this by producing objective research, infographics, short videos, and writing commentaries in newspapers and blogs. We also interact directly with the public through our education programs for students, teachers, and journalists and by holding public events and conferences.

The Fraser Institute enjoys registered charitable status in Canada and the United States. All non-foundation, non-sponsorship gifts over $10 receive a tax receipt in accordance with CRA guidelines. All donors receive bimonthly updates from Fraser Institute President, Niels Veldhuis.

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