Aboriginal Policy

— Jun 28, 2022
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Indigenous Spending in Budget 2022

Indigenous Spending in Budget 2022 finds that the federal government’s recent substantial increase of Indigenous spending—which will reach a projected $35.5 billion in 2026-27—is mainly due to judicial settlement payouts.

— May 19, 2022
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The Indian Act— A Barrier to Entrepreneurship

The Indian Act—A Barrier to Entrepreneurship finds that Ottawa could improve First Nations entrepreneurship, which is key to prosperity, by further removing barriers to property rights within the Indian Act.

— Mar 22, 2022
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The Supreme Court of Canada and Transboundary Indigenous Rights Claims

The SCOC and Transboundary Indigenous Rights Claims: Understanding the Implications of the 2021 Decision in Desautel finds that a ruling last year by the Supreme Court of Canada set a precedent, which may open the door for Indigenous groups outside Canada to claim certain rights—including title and constitutionally protected rights—within Canada’s borders.

— Feb 23, 2022
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A $40 Billion Settlement for Indigenous Child Welfare: Is Anyone Minding the Fiscal Store?

A $40 Billion Settlement for Indigenous Child Welfare finds that Ottawa’s recent $40 billion settlement of a First Nations class action lawsuit will likely encourage more organizations and individuals to seek large settlements from governments across the country.

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