Fraser Forum - January/February 2011: Fiscal performance of Canada's premiers

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In this issue:

How generous are Canadians?
by Alex Gainer and Charles Lammam
According to the 2010 Generosity Index, monetary charitable giving is almost four percentage points higher in the US than in Canada.

The economic impact of living wage policies
by Amela Karabegović and Niels Veldhuis
Living wage policies often hurt the very people they are intended to help.

Fiscal performance of Canada’s premiers
by Amela Karabegović, Charles Lammam, and Milagros Palacios
Some premiers have been better fiscal managers than others. Read their rankings here.

BC’s next premier should follow Gordon Campbell’s lead on fiscal policy
by Charles Lammam, Niels Veldhuis and Amela Karabegović
No other provincial premier had a more prudent spending record than Gordon Campbell. His successor should follow his fiscal example.

Wanted: A new fiscal direction for Ontario
by Niels Veldhuis, Charles Lammam, and Milagros Palacios
Since being elected in 2003, McGuinty has proven inadequate at managing Ontario’s finances, and at pursuing sound, long-term economic policies.

See You Later!
by Bacchus Barua and Mark Rovere
Wait times for access to health care in Canada remain unacceptably long.

Quarterly Research Alert
Our researchers summarize the findings of recent studies on important topics including taxation, the environment, and charitable giving.

Global energy demand and supply
by Jock Finlayson
Moving away from existing carbon-intensive energy systems will take generations, not years.

Assessing value for money from Canadian health insurance
by Mark Rovere
Should Canada begin to try out health insurance policies that have been shown to work elsewhere?

Ottawa’s risk-based approach to investment
by Mark Milke
The federal government’s decision to disallow the proposed takeover of Potash Corp. undermines both investment and individual shareholders.

“Feed-in” tariffs in Ontario: UnFIT energy policy
by Joel Wood
Is Ontario’s feed-in tariff policy the best way to stimulate the lagging economy and phase out coal-fired electricity?

How much do we really pay?
by Milagros Palacios and Nadeem Esmail
Canadians often misunderstand the true cost of our public health care system. How much do we really pay?

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