Fraser Forum - March/April 2013: Is Canada shortchanging Aboriginals?

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In this issue:

Why Alberta is broke: $22 billion lost opportunity
by Mark Milke
Despite strong economic conditions, Alberta has still not balanced the budget.

Tax hikes on upper-income Canadians come with a cost
by Charles Lammam and Jason Clemens
What are the economic consequences of higher income taxes for those with higher incomes?

New leadership presents new opportunity to fix Ontario’s fiscal problems
by Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre
Premier Kathleen Wynne faces debt and deficits upon her arrival at Queen’s Park.

Comparing public and private sector compensation in BC
by Jason Clemens and Amela Karabegović
There is a significant disparity in total compensation between the public and private sectors in BC.

Is Canada shortchanging Aboriginals?
by Mark Milke
Life on reserves could be affecting Aboriginal prosperity.

A remedy to Indian underachievement: Respect the collective; promote the individual
by Gordon Gibson
Excerpts from A New Look at Indian Policy.

Diagnosis: Medically unreasonable
by Bacchus Barua
Wait times for health care remain high across all Canadian provinces.

Opportunities for Canada from the “new” American government
by Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis
Uncertainty in the US could prove advantageous for Canada’s economy.

Global mining survey results for 2012/2013 reveals shift in Canada’s top-ranked jurisdiction
by Alana Wilson
A Canadian mining jurisdiction no longer holds the top spot for investment.

Regulation Review: Proposed emission regulations on new cars are not costless
by Kenneth P. Green and Joel Wood
New fuel regulations assume that Canadian consumers are not making rational choices when purchasing automobiles.

How generous are Canadians?
by Nachum Gabler, Milagros Palacios, and Charles Lammam
How do Canadian provinces compare to US states when it comes to charitable giving?

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