Canadian Student Review: Fall/Winter 2006

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This double issue of CSR is again filled with interesting articles, many written by students from across Canada. First up, we have the three winning essays from the 2006 Student Essay Contest, Trade or Aid? What is the Solution to Poverty in Africa? Matthew Baker, Steven Loleski, and Kathleen Guglielmi shared $1,750 in cash prizes. The details of the 2007 Contest appear on page 14.

Also in this issue, provocative articles on BSE, climate change economics and health care in Canada.

Do you have something to write? We are now accepting submissions for consideration in the spring 2007 issue. More information on page 24.

We would like to thank the Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation, whose generous support of this magazine enables us to distribute it free of charge across Canada.

Best wishes, Vanessa Schneider, Editor ([email protected])

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