Canadian Student Review: Spring 2015

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Scratch Out the “Capitalism”; “Crony” Suffices
Yi Zona Xu and Katina Zheng
Is crony capitalism a scapegoat for flailing socio-economic forces in Europe and America?
1st place essay contest winner: High School category.

The Quote Wall
Ludwig von Mises on private property.

The Video Gallery - Waiting Your Turn, Medical Wait Times in Canada 2014
Measuring wait times from referrals to consultation and treatment plus the wait times for MRI, CT and ultrasound scans.

Do we need governments to meddle with CEO pay levels?
Charles Lammam
Reflecting on stats relating to CEO pay and proposals to limit pay for top-ranking CEOs.

The Appeal—and Folly—of a Minimum Wage
Matthew Lau
Looking at the effects of a federal minimum wage on students and poor households.

The Book Corner
Think Like a Freak
Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Reforming the personal income tax system

The Myth of Government Job Creation
Brennan Sorge, Regular High School Contributor
An analysis of job creation through government spending.

From the Archives: Value: Can it be measured?
Danny LeRoy

Hot Topics
What’s New from the Institute: A low dollar and falling oil prices; and the fiscal performance of Canada’s premiers.

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