Canadian Student Review: Winter 2024

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This article addresses the housing crisis in Canadian Indigenous communities, proposing Indigenous-led financial institutions as a way to promote homeownership and sustainability.

Video Gallery
This video explains how Sweden’s size of government directly affects its Economic Freedom.

The Fraser Institute Study
This study underscores the importance of the increase in central bank transparency over the past half century. These reforms have increased accountability and rendered monetary policy more credible, thereby contributing to low and stable inflation over the three decades prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This infographic shows that the share of income earned and personal income taxes paid varies widely by income group.

Student Article #1
Most younger Canadians disagree with the Trudeau government’s stance that high-income earners don’t pay their fair share of taxes, potentially signaling a need for the government to reconsider its tax policies.

Quote Wall
A quote from Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind. The book describes human morality as it relates to politics and religion.

Senior research fellow Jayme Lemke joins host Rosemarie Fike to discuss how markets and economic progress have an impact on women’s lives.

Student Article #2
This article discusses Tax Freedom Day in New Brunswick – a concept that measures the total burden of government taxation on the average family.

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