Fraser Forum - November/December 2010: Economic Freedom

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In this issue:

Celebrating economic freedom
by Fred McMahon
The Fraser Institute works continuously to promote and develop economic freedom throughout the world.

Economic freedom is essential for US economic recovery
by Nathan J. Ashby
American states with the most economic freedom prior to the recession are the states that are recovering most quickly.

Is Cuba finally embracing economic freedom?
by Mark Milke
Is the Castro regime really warming up to the idea of economic freedom in Cuba?

Will recent bad policy reverse global advances in economic freedom?
by Michael Walker
A series of poor government policy decisions could negate the economic gains of the past quarter century.

Promoting economic freedom in the Arab world
by Ronald Meinardus
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom works to promote economic freedom in the Arab world.

Economic freedom, Mauritius’s launching pad
by Jean-Francois Minardi and Eric Ng Ping Cheun
For the very first time, a Sub-Saharan African country is now the ninth freest economy in the world. Read how Mauritus did it.

2010: A pivotal American election
by Alexander Moens
Both Canada and the US have a vested interested in the election of congressmen and congresswomen committed to reducing public spending.

The hard facts about BC’s minimum wage
by Niels Veldhuis and Amela Karabegovic
Raising British Columbia’s minimum wage is not an economic stimulus, but a harmful endeavour.

Trying times with Moscow
by Alan W. Dowd
North American warplanes continue to intercept Russian bombers; what does this trend mean, and how should we respond?

No end in sight
by Niels Veldhuis and Charles Lammam
Rather than end stimulus spending, the Conservatives plan to continue what they have been doing for four years: spend, spend, spend.

Subsidizing professional sports is the worst form of corporate welfare
by Mark Milke and Niels Veldhuis
Should Canadians be forced to pay to subsidize the facilities of pro-sport franchises?

Reform EI to avoid future tax hikes
by Charles Lammam and Niels Veldhuis
Without true EI reform, Canadians will face higher taxes for years to come.

Ignatieff has it backward on corporate income taxes
by Charles Lammam and Niels Veldhuis
Michael Ignatieff needs to understand that a de facto increase to corporate taxes is not the way to allow him to spend more money.

Unethical EHRs?
by Dr. Gordon Atherley
How much personal health information about identifiable Canadians should governments be allowed to consult, compile, and communicate?

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