Fraser Forum - September 2009: Canada's Labour Market

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Highlights of the 2009 Petroleum Survey
by Gerry Angevine
Manitoba is now the most attractive Canadian province for petroleum investment, while Alberta is the least attractive.

Smart thinking on sales taxes
by Niels Veldhuis and Charles Lammam
British Columbia’s new harmonized sales tax will encourage investment in the province and make BC businesses more competitive.

Real electoral reform
by Mark Milke
Canadians who are interested in electoral reform may want to consider Switzerland as a model.

An insurance proposal that doesn’t work
by Niels Veldhuis and Amela Karabegovic
A more generous EI program would increase unemployment permanently.

Labour relations laws
by Amela Karabegovic and Alex Gainer
Canada’s provincial and federal labour relations laws are significantly more biased and prescriptive than US laws.

BC avoids the damaging effects of minimum wage increases
by Charles Lammam and Niels Veldhuis
Unlike many other North American jurisdictions, British Columbia has steered clear of raising its minimum wage this year.

The end of free choice?
by Amela Karabegovic and Niels Veldhuis
A card-check system of union certification robs workers of a secret ballot vote, a cornerstone of the democratic process.

Key Concepts: Competition
by Lawrence W. Reed
A competitive marketplace encourages innovation and excellence.

Waiting for new medicines in Canada
by Mark Rovere and Brett J. Skinner
Canadians who are dependent on public drug programs wait almost two years for access to new medicines.

NATO’s new mission statement
by Alan W. Dowd
NATO’s new Strategic Concept will help shape the alliance’s future.

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