Plan B: The Future of the Rest of Canada

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In June 1990, Gordon Gibson predicted in an editorial in the Financial Post, “…After the [upcoming federal] election, the Liberals are the largest minority group, largely based in Ontario, with a bit from the Atlantic provinces. The Tories are destroyed. Quebec is most strongly represented by separatist MPs, and the West by Reformers demanding a far stronger role for their region. What you have is the first day of the negotiations for the Canadian Common Market…”

Gordon Gibson, in a May 1993 monograph for the Canada West Foundation, wrote, “What if our ongoing game of constitutional chicken reaches such a point that the international financial community begins to doubt our ability to survive as a nation, or to pick up the pieces afterward? After a generation of deficits, we would be in serious trouble if the flow of international capital stopped, even briefly. Indeed, if we don’t make it quite clear to the rest of the world that we have some sort of a ‘Plan B’ if the existing process fails, then we may wind up provoking some rather unpleasant economic consequences.”

In this startling, groundbreaking book, Gordon Gibson describes ‘Plan B’ in detail. Basing his scenarios and conclusions on a sound understanding of Canada and its politics, the author explains in lucid, readable prose how the future of Canada will look. Plan B: The Future of the Rest of Canada is essential reading for every Canadian concerned about the nation’s future.

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