Philip Cross

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Philip Cross spent 36 years at Statistics Canada, the last few years as its Chief Economic Analyst. He wrote Statistics Canada's monthly assessment of the economy for years, as well as many feature articles for the Canadian Economic Observer. After leaving Statistics Canada, he worked for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. He has been widely-quoted over the years, and now writes a bi-weekly column for the National Post and other papers.

Recent Research by Philip Cross

— Mar 11, 2021
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The Minimum Wage, Lost Jobs, And Poverty in Canada

The Minimum Wage, Lost Jobs, and Poverty in Canada finds that, despite claims to the contrary, minimum wage increases do little to lower poverty rates and can actually hurt the very people they’re supposed to help.

— Oct 15, 2020
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Does Canada Need a Wealth Tax?

Does Canada Need a Wealth Tax? is a new study that finds not only will implementing a wealth tax reduce Canada’s economic growth and recovery post-COVID, but that it is unnecessary as the wealth inequality gap is shrinking in Canada. A wealth tax in Canada would constrain economic growth by discouraging savings and investment, especially when wealth taxes are layered on top of existing taxes.

— Aug 11, 2020
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Ontario Government Perpetuates Poor Electricity Policy

Ontario Government Perpetuates Poor Electricity Policy is a new study that examines the current Ontario government's inability to resolve the province’s long-running electricity problems. Crucially, government subsidies for electricity producers and consumers in Ontario makes it nearly impossible for Ontarians to determine the true costs of electricity since they are incurring costs both in their hydro bills and with their taxes.