Brian Cheang

Brian Cheang is the assistant director at the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society at King’s College London where he obtained his PhD in Political Economy. He is also a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and the Founder of the Adam Smith Centre, Singapore’s first and only classical liberal organisation. His research interests are in comparative political economy, the role of the state in development, and the challenges of industrial policy. He is the author of Economic Liberalism and the Developmental State: Hong Kong and Singapore’s Post-War Development (2022), and Institutions and Economic Development: Markets, Ideas, and Bottom-Up Change (2023).

Recent Research by Brian Cheang

— Feb 8, 2024
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Meritocracy, Personal Responsibility, and Encouraging Investment

Meritocracy, Personal Responsibility, and Encouraging Investment: Lessons from Singapore’s Economic Growth Miracle finds that western countries including Canada can learn from Singapore’s pro-growth policies, which have helped transform Singapore from a comparatively poor country into one of the world’s richest countries.