plastic ban

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Ottawa should end war on plastics for sake of the environment

According to the evidence, encouraging substitutes for plastic will lead to higher greenhouse gas emissions.

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Climate activists target plastics industry with ‘recycling’ theory

We would have only a tiny fraction of modern health-care technologies without plastics.

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Ottawa’s plastic ban may actually hurt the environment

When plastic grocery bag use declined, use of polypropylene bags skyrocketed.

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Courts expose Ottawa’s green overreach

The federal government’s anti-plastic regulations would add about 2.9 million tonnes of substitute materials to the waste stream.

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Court ruling on plastics ban welcome news for Canadians

The government's ban on six types of single-use plastics went into effect last year.

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Ottawa’s next phase of ‘plastics’ war will increase cost of fruits and vegetables

Less than 1 per cent of plastics used in Canada end up as waste in the environment.

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Ottawa’s proposed ‘food packaging’ ban will harm Canadians without helping the environment

Plastic wrapping is crucial in food preservation, food transit and the reduction of food waste.

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Ottawa’s plastic ban plan—stunningly poor and deceptive policy

Alternatives to plastic straws, forks and spoons likely cause as much or more environmental harm.

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Ottawa’s anti-plastic crusade enters dangerous territory

According to the government’s own analysis, these regulations will increase waste generated from substitutes by almost 300,000 tonnes in 2024.

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Ottawa’s plastics ban is bad for the environment

According to the government’s own report, 99 per cent of the country’s plastic waste is already disposed of safely.