Glenn Fox

Professor of Agricultural Economics and Business, University of Guelph

Glenn Fox, Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute and an agricultural and natural resource economist, has been a member of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph since 1985 and served as acting department chairman from 2001-2002. His research interests include property rights and natural resource stewardship, regulatory takings, trade and environment, technological change, and transaction costs.

Professor Fox previously taught economics at the University of Western Ontario. He completed a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at the University of Minnesota in 1985.

Recent Research by Glenn Fox

— Jan 27, 2016
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An Economic Analysis of Rural Land Use Policies in Ontario

An Economic Analysis of Rural Land Use Policies in Ontario dispels the wide-spread belief that Ontario is rapidly losing agricultural land to urbanization. Building upon analysis by two Western University professors in the 1980s, the study finds that the area of cropland in Ontario – land that’s used to plant crops – has been essentially constant since 1951.

— Sep 3, 2008
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Given Canadians' well-known concern for the environment, it may be difficult to find anyone in Canada who is against improving the quality of the environment. However, a reliance on unnecessarily costly and intrusive policies over the past several decades has likely turned some people against environmentalism. But there are a growing number of market-based policy options that would improve environmental quality at a lower cost and with less government intervention than in the past. These policies are a breath of fresh air because they are cost-effective, market-oriented, less intrusive, and more appealing to broader sections of the Canadian public.