Tegan Hill

Director, Alberta Policy, Fraser Institute

Tegan Hill is Director, Alberta Policy at the Fraser Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Calgary. Ms. Hill’s articles have appeared in major Canadian newspapers including the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Ottawa Citizen. She specializes in government spending, taxation, and debt.

Recent Research by Tegan Hill

— Jun 20, 2024
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Alberta’s ‘Spending Restraint’ in Perspective

Alberta’s “Spending Restraint” in Perspective is a new study that finds although the Alberta government’s current plan to restrain program spending increases is a constructive way to bring provincial spending more in line with sustainable revenues, doing so will be hindered by increases in per person spending introduced over the last two years. In fact, program spending this year will reach $14,334 per Albertan, which is $1,603 more per person (inflation-adjusted) than the government planned to spend this year as outlined in the 2022 mid-year budget update.

— Apr 3, 2024
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Undoing Alberta’s Personal Income Tax Hikes

Undoing Alberta’s Personal Income Tax Hikes is a new study that finds reversing the 2015 provincial personal income tax rate increases and instituting a flat eight per cent tax rate would help restore Alberta’s tax advantage while saving taxpayers $1,573 a year, on average.

— Mar 12, 2024
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The Cost of Business Subsidies in Canada: Updated Edition is a new study that finds Canadian governments spent $52 billion in 2022 subsidizing businesses across all provinces—including federal, provincial, and local spending.