bc investment climate

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B.C. government’s land use plan would severely damage province’s investment climate

The province would essentially become un-investable in many industries that do business on Crown lands or water.

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Provincial policies making B.C. inhospitable to investment

B.C. is significantly raising its carbon tax rate—by 66 per cent, from $30 to $50 per tonne.

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Investors steering clear of Canada’s energy sector in Alberta and beyond

The U.S. advantage over Canada is not surprising in light of recent U.S. tax cuts and deregulation.

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B.C.’s has one of the highest overall tax rates on new investment in Canada and the developed world.

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With economic uncertainty as the backdrop, it was critical for the BC government to put forth a prudent budget. Finance minister Kevin Falcon acknowledged as much by reassuring British Columbians that the budget was “built on fiscal discipline” and lays a “firm foundation for the future.” Falcon even warned of the perils of additional government taxes, spending, and borrowing in the current economic environment, calling such measures “potentially catastrophic.”