first nations

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Despite claims to the contrary, B.C. bill does not include First Nation veto over resource development

Bill leaves the vast majority of First Nations under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court’s consultation jurisprudence.

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Stop the Specific Claims Perpetual Motion Machine

Economic and social progress comes from seizing future opportunities, not from preoccupation with past grievances.

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Fort McKay has prospered by selling services to oilsands corporations.

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Despite support from local politicians and First Nations groups, Andrew Weaver is digging in his heels on LNG.

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Ottawa is heavily indebted and will never be able to eliminate poverty through grants to First Nations.

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A box of Pampers costs $70 off the shelf in Iqaluit compared to $35 online.

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The largest First Nation in Canada is the recently recognized Qalipu Mi’kmaq of Newfoundland.