natural gas development

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New Brunswick’s natural gas opportunity—separating fact from fiction

With a “moderate” level of development, the province projects $21 billion in investment over 20 years.

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Canadians face European-style energy crisis unless policymakers change course

The surge in energy prices forced the continent to revert to coal, a power source that emits 50 per cent more greenhouse gas than natural gas.

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Ottawa denies natural gas to another trading partner and perpetuates fictitious agenda

The pursuit of a rapid energy transition is causing massive environmental degradation.

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Pursue natural gas in Atlantic region

Atlantic Canada has the potential to alleviate Europe’s natural gas shortfall while generating investment and jobs here at home.

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Trudeau government should help restore investor confidence in Canadian energy

Last year, more than 20 per cent of the country’s exports came from energy.

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Despite support from local politicians and First Nations groups, Andrew Weaver is digging in his heels on LNG.

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Rational reactions to climate change are undermined by the endless parade of doom-mongers.