Ontario fiscal

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A visit from the ghost of Ontario’s fiscal future

This year’s budget shortfall is projected to eclipse $14 billion.

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Mini-budget an early test of Ford government resolve

If Queen’s Park reduces spending by $5 billion, it could eliminate two-thirds of the provincial deficit.

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The upcoming 2018 budget will send a clear signal about the Wynne government’s direction.

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The PC platform promises to maintain the 20 per cent minimum wage hike implemented by the Wynne government.

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Ontario’s provincial debt nearly doubled from $157 billion in 2007/08 to $301 billion in 2016/17.

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By the Ontario government’s own count it has 380,000 regulations on the books, twice as many as the next province.

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Federal transfers to the provinces are higher today than ever before, with a projected cost of $1,897 per Canadian this fiscal year.