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Alberta parents want balance—not bias—in the classroom

Seventy-four per cent of parents in the province believe teachers should present both sides of controversial issues.

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Teachers should prioritize teaching over union activism

In Canada's government-run schools, union membership is mandatory.

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Provinces should fast-track teacher certification

University programs for prospective teachers are filled with useless courses that often focus on woke propaganda.

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Schools must get back to basics

Ironically, teachers these days are much better educated and professionally prepared than teachers in previous generations.

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Teacher unions should push for positive change in the classroom

Teachers are currently compensated based on only two criteria—years of university and years of experience.

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Research documents successful performance-based incentive experiments in England, India, Israel, Houston and Nashville.

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In eight out of 10 provinces, enrolment in francophone schools, measured as a share of total enrolment, increased.