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Quebec’s tuition hike punishes out-of-province students, rejects spirit of federal cash transfer

The province will receive an expected $1.37 billion from the Canada Social Transfer in 2023/24.

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Quebec’s Bill 96 motivated by false fears about language and misunderstanding about economics

New regulations about language use will make it harder for businesses to cater to tourists and foreign students.

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For as long as equalization has existed (since 1957), Quebec has always received the largest payment.

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Closing the income gap with the rest of Canada will require Quebec’s government to work to attract more investment.

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Quebec is currently the most indebted province relative to the size of the provincial economy.

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Quebec has one of the highest top personal income tax rates of any province or U.S. state.

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Getting off equalization—a great goal for Quebec, but it’ll take a while

Quebec has received equalization every year since the program’s inception in 1957.

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Quebecers elected the Coalition Avenir Québec with an overwhelming majority.