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Bold policy reform can fix Canada’s economic problems

Canada's inflation-adjusted per-person GDP declined from $59,905 to $58,028.

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Canadian families face larger tax burden than last year

In 2024, the average Canadian family earning $147,570 will pay an estimated $65,766 in total taxes.

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Nova Scotia government should acknowledge attitude towards taxes in the province

The available data suggest that many Nova Scotians would like to see their taxes reduced.

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Prices for basic necessities rose but tax bills grew faster

On an inflation-adjusted basis, the total tax bill for Canadian families has increased by more than 181 per cent since 1961.

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‘Patriotic Millionaires’ ignore basic tax facts

The top 20 per cent of income-earning families in Canada pay nearly two-thirds of all income taxes.

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U.S. drifting toward European-style economic anemia

According to independent experts, the actual cost of the president’s policies is closer to $4.9 trillion.