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Ottawa threatening Bank of Canada’s independent image

The goal of "maximum sustainable employment" is largely determined by forces beyond the central bank’s control.

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Bank of Canada rate hike may be too little too late

Ramping up interest rates at this juncture places more of the burden of fighting inflation on consumers.

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Bank of Canada could muddy price signals with aggressive monetary policy

If the inflation rate remains relatively stable over time, suppliers should know when higher prices signal increased scarcity.

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Central bank ‘equity’ quest raises questions about non-traditional monetary tools

Central banks may direct chartered banks to increase lending to borrowers from underrepresented communities.

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Bank of Canada’s inflation-fighting strategy may not be enough

According to most models of labour supply, the growth of Canada’s labour force will slow over the coming decades.

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Notes gone underground—who has all the missing $1,000s?

The purple $25 bill commemorating the silver jubilee of King George V has been in use for 84 years.

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How interest rates affect labour participation among Canadian workers young and old

Workers aged 55 years and over hold one-fifth of the jobs in Canada.

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In the 1970s the Bank of Canada switched to monetarist money-supply targeting.