canada pension plan costs

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So how broke is the Canada Pension Plan?

It’s close, but assets do exceed liabilities.

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Contributions to the CPP—comparing provinces

Alberta’s $27.9 billion net contribution over this period is almost four times greater than Ontario’s.

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Private pensions face regulatory burden the Canada Pension Plan does not

Mandatory CPP contributions from working Canadians will increase steadily between January 2019 and 2025.

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CPP expansion will mean several thousands of dollars more in annual contributions from working Canadians.

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Despite its reputation, the cost of the CPP is actually above the average for comparable plans based in Ontario.

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The Canadian retirement income system already provides Canadians with an adequate standard of living in retirement.

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In the recent debate over an expanded Canada Pension Plan (CPP), its low cost was offered as one of the main benefits for larger government-managed pensions. The Ontario government, introducing its own version of the CPP, argues that lower costs helped to justify public pension plans.