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Number of homebuyers and renters vastly outpacing available homes in Saskatchewan

The province’s population increased by 8.2 people for every new home built in 2022—the highest number on record.

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Homebuyers and renters vastly outpacing number of homes in P.E.I.

From 2016 to 2022, the province's population grew by 4.9 people (on average) per-home built each year.

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Ottawa’s homebuyer plan unlikely to work, for at least two reasons

Increasing demand for something in short supply will result in higher prices.

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Sale prices in the Greater Toronto Area at the end of 2016 were almost 110 per cent higher than a decade prior.

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Developer fees comprised 13.2 per cent of municipal revenue in the City of Vancouver in 2016.

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The owners of 67,000 lots currently zoned for single-family housing can now rebuild their homes as duplexes.

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Survey says large majorities of homeowners in Metro Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area want housing prices to stop rising.

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Seattle’s rental vacancy rate jumped to 5.4 per cent—five times that of the GTA.

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Heavy-handed policies such as B.C.’s “speculation” tax target symptoms rather than causes.