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Regulations are difficult to remove once implemented, as they create groups in society with vested interests in preserving regulations

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Most Canadians who experience low income do so for only a short period of time over the course of their lives.

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The U.S. golf industry marked National Golf Day on May 18 by holding more than 100 meetings with U.S. senators and representatives to promote tax deductibles for the game of golf.

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Vancouver’s growing housing costs are outstripping income increases in the city.

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Those behind the plan are central planners at heart, mistakenly seeing themselves as the initiators of trade.

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The “poor” not only got significantly richer, they got richer faster than the “rich.”

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Ontario government subsidized buyers of the $1.1 million Porsche 918 Spyder.

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The recent federal budget paints a gloomy misleading picture of Canadian society.

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While it might not appear so, a higher minimum wage is effectively a tax.

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