economic growth

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Prime minister and premier combine to reduce living standards in B.C.

The province's program spending will increase by more than 85 per cent since 2016/17.

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Canada’s economic stagnation—a big problem for Canadians

Under Prime Minister Trudeau, annual per-person economic growth has averaged just 0.3 per cent.

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Carbon tax will make Canadians worse off

A $170 per-tonne carbon tax will cause a permanent loss of nearly 185,000 jobs in Canada.

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Singapore’s industrial policy promotes real economic growth

Politicians and bureaucrats in Canada are rarely affected if the claimed benefits of government initiatives fail to materialize.

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New Brunswick losing head offices and their associated economic activity

Head office employment in the province is down more than 300 jobs since 2014.

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Economic progress stalling for Canada and other G7 countries

Productivity in Ireland has grown at a rapid annual pace of 5.9 per cent, more than six times faster than the G7.

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Canada’s economy has stagnated despite Ottawa’s spin

From 2015 to 2023, inflation-adjusted per-person economic growth averaged a paltry 0.3 per cent.

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Federal budget fails to ‘break the glass’ on Canada’s economic growth crisis

Per-person GDP, a common indicator of living standards, now sits below where it was at the end of 2014.

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Federal government should cut taxes in upcoming budget to spur economic growth

From 2013 to 2022, per-person economic growth—a broad measure of living standards—was at its lowest rate since the Great Depression.