tax cuts

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Tax cuts could create 110,000 jobs for Canadians
Several provinces now have top combined income tax rates exceeding 50 per cent.

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Trudeau tax relief plan—funded by borrowed money—will do little for economic growth

The government’s plan to increase the “basic personal amount” will cost nearly $7 billion annually.

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Trudeau government making wrong type of tax cuts

Nine of the provinces are in the top 10 jurisdictions in North America with the highest personal income tax rates.

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Aussie tax cuts further erode Canadian competitiveness

The Trudeau government raised the top income tax rate from 29 per cent to 33 per cent.

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Prime Minister Trudeau conflates taxes and transfers in Question Period

By eliminating several tax credits, Ottawa increased income taxes for many Canadians.

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Families that previously used the income-splitting tax credit could pay up to $2,000 more in federal income taxes.

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The Wynne government’s “Fair Hydro Act” borrows money, which must be paid back, to lower energy costs.

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The latest tax increase is the payroll tax hike that will be used to finance CPP expansion.

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On Wednesday, the day after delivering the 2014 federal budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty set off a firestorm by offering his view on income-splitting, a platform commitment the Conservatives made for when the government returns to a balanced budget (likely next year). I'm not sure that, overall, it [income-splitting] benefits our society, Minister Flaherty stated, preferring instead to, reduce taxes more.

While readers of this page will know we haven't always agreed with Minister Flaherty over the years, he is right on the money with respect to income-splitting.