dairy supply management

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Canada should abolish supply management to help tame inflation

The inflation rate for supply managed products such as butter and milk outpaced the general rate.

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Trudeau government enforces price-gouging for chicken and eggs

Supply management makes agricultural products scarcer in order to inflate prices.

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If Canadians were free to import from the U.S. without paying tariffs, a frozen turkey would cost 15 per cent less.

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When the Australian market was deregulated in 2000, the average price farmers received for raw milk almost doubled.

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Canada can eliminate supply management by following Australia’s lead

Due to Canada’s policy of supply management, Canadians pay much higher prices for milk, cheese, eggs and poultry.

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Policies that raise prices of milk, butter, cheese, eggs and chicken affect lower-income families.

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In reality, Canadian consumers have long put their financial welfare before their loyalty to Canadian-bred cows.

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If producers are free to manage supplies, then we get healthy competition and lower prices.

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In the recent Speech from the Throne, the federal government announced a variety of initiatives but the one that drew much attention was its ostensible consumer-friendly tack.

On some consumer issues, the Conservative government has the right instincts, promoting competition within the cellphone sector for example, even if its approach to the upcoming wireless spectrum auction is flawed.

In other places, the Harper government’s predisposition is counter-productive.

For instance, ponder the federal government’s desire to micromanage how airlines double-book seats.