wealth tax

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Most young Canadians don’t think high-income earners should pay more taxes

By raising top tax rates, the government discourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

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COVID should make Canadians more skeptical of wealth taxes

Wealth inequality clearly declined in Canada during the pandemic.

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Wealth tax would make Canada’s bad situation even worse

Canada must become more attractive and competitive for business investment and entrepreneurs, and introducing a wealth tax and/or raising the capital gains tax would make a difficult situation worse.

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Wealth tax wouldn’t work the way Ottawa wants

According to the PBO, governments could raise up to $61 billion with a wealth tax on Canadians worth more than $10 million.


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Focus on economic growth and the Millennials will be alright

In Canada, housing and pension assets comprise the largest sources of household wealth.

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We do not need a wealth tax

At the end of 2019, household net worth in Canada stood at $11,876 billion compared to $622 billion for corporations.