quebec budget

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Paying companies to stay—bad idea

The Legault government in Quebec tabled its first budget last week.

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Quebec, don’t fall prey to fiscal illusion

In 2018, the province's net debt represented 43 per cent of the economy.

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Over the next five years, program spending is projected to grow 2.8 per cent annually while provincial revenues increase 3.1 per cent.

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The day before delivering his budget speech, Quebec Minister of Finance Carlos Leitão called the budget a “good news budget.” Indeed, Quebec’s 2015 budget continues to make progress on tackling deep-rooted fiscal problems.

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There are times when a problem can be solved with a small fix and perhaps a little tinkering. And there are times when a big fix or fundamental reform is needed. Quebec’s government finances fall into the latter category.

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Premier Couillard's government will table its first budget on June 4 and early signs suggest it's not going to be business as usual.